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How to Develop a Results-Driven Onboarding Process to Accelerate Your Physicians’ Success

Why Onboarding’s an Issue You Can’t Afford to Ignore. You may meet every recruiting & hiring goal you set. But, if you can’t keep the physicians you hire more than a few years, you’ll never be able to out-recruit your losses.

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How To Develop a Results Driven Onboarding Process For Physicians Success Whitepaper
Considerations When Developing Service Line Priorities
5 Considerations When Developing Service Line Priorities

Healthcare organizations don’t succeed by accident. Rather, organizational success comes from intentional & purposeful planning. Today’s hospitals face shrinking & shifting reimbursement models, & an increasing focus on reducing costs—making planning even more important.

How Physician Relations Can Build Value into Every Office Visit
How Physician Relations Can Build Value Into Every Visit

An ideal visit between a physician liaison & a physician ends with both parties believing the visit was a valuable use of their limited time. That’s why building value into every visit is so important. Not just for the liaison, but for the physician. If they feel meeting with you is a good use of their time, they’ll do it again.

Five Fast Rules, Physician Referral Growth - Whitepaper
5 Fast Rules to Referral Growth

Today’s healthcare landscape is in transition and is more complex than ever before. Everyone needs to grow revenue, while keeping operating costs low. Increasing physician referrals is within reach of every healthcare organization, but where do you begin? Find out in this helpful white paper.

Hidden Costs, Not Using Physician Relationship Management
Hidden Costs of Not Using a PRM

“Do we really need a PRM?” A physician relationship management system, integrated with referral data analytics, is an essential tool that provides a high level of market insight. Organizations that choose not to use a PRM will be left stumbling in the dark in a highly competitive market. Learn why a PRM is a must-have.

Simple Steps: Create Steady, Predictable Referral Volume
Simple Steps to Create Steady, Predictable Referral Volume

Physician relations truly is a roller coaster. Every physician liaison can attest to this fact. Patient referrals, physician satisfaction scores & quality of activities can sometimes jump up and down and side to side, causing havoc for a physician relations program. Learn how to get a smoother ride in your physician relations!

6 Ways: Improve Physician Retention Cycle - Whitepaper
6 Ways to Improve the Physician Retention Cycle

In order to grow your referral base, maintaining alliances with physicians should be your #1 priority. This requires understanding the needs, issues & perspectives of physicians. This white paper offers a roadmap of how good relationships develop & what steps are needed to keep them intact.