Case Studies

Learn how Marketware has empowered healthcare organizations

Chesapeake Urology Associates: Case Study

Growing Practice Uses Data Analysis to Expand into New Markets Chesapeake Urology’s success has come from the vision of its original founders to provide their patients with a care experience that included any of the urology services they might need. The group has attracted talented urologists with advanced training in various subspecialties of the profession.

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Chesapeake Urology Associates - Marketware Case Study
Adena Health Systems: Case Study
Adena Health Systems: Case Study

Products & People Make the Difference Today’s highly competitive landscape demands that you choose partners who understand your needs and provide solutions, not just software. That’s why Marketware growth tools are used by some 200 healthcare practices nationwide. In this video, Adena Health System’s Tiffany Castor reveals how Marketware signature features — personal support and user-friendly products — have made her outreach efforts easier and more productive.

Tampa General Hospital: Case Study
Tampa General Hospital: Case Study

Affecting Bottom-line & Communicating ROI Healthcare organizations across the country are using Marketware’s data-driven solutions to target growth opportunities, maximize time in the field and communicate ROI. In this video, Tampa General Hospital executive Katie Alexander shares the many advantages she and her team have experienced using our innovative tools.

Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center - Marketware Case Study
Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Case Study

Referral Targeting with Business Intelligence

Panorama prides itself on delivering cutting-edge, quality orthopedic & wellness care to its patients. With offices in Golden, Westminster, & Highlands Ranch, as well as a variety of ancillary & specialty care centers throughout the metro area, Panorama assists its patients with care all the way from diagnosis & surgery to rehabilitation & wellness.

Presence Health - Marketware Case Study
Presence Health: Case Study

Unified Team: Achieving Goals & Initiatives

A common occurrence across healthcare teams is a lack of communication and collaboration between departments. This can lead to silos and inefficiencies as teams end up being pulled in multiple directions with no synergy. Through the use of Marketware, Presence Health, has been able to tear down silos and bring departments together to achieve goals and initiatives as a team.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute - Marketware Case Study
Roswell Park Cancer Institute: Case Study

Streamlines Reporting, Optimizes Tracking
At Roswell Park, a renowned center for cancer research and treatment, patients come from a wide variety of referral sources. Tracking information on regional referral trends is crucial to commanding market share and optimizing outreach efforts. But as Roswell Park Cancer Institute learned, it’s not just about implementing any technology.

LifePoint Health - Marketware Case Study
LifePoint Health: Case Study

Gains Accountability in Physician Outreach
Accountability is the most important piece in the puzzle of yielding and demonstrating results in physician relations. Mitzi Kent, National Sales Leader of LifePoint Health can attest to this—with over 60 Physician Relations and Industry Directors (physician liaisons) managing relationships with more than 7,300 physicians.