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3 Strategies for Growth-Oriented Physician Outreach

Ready to shift your organization’s focus from retention to growth? In this instructional webinar, you’ll learn 3 essential strategies for boosting your physician outreach success. See how to quickly identify the markets & service lines with the most ROI.

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3 Strategies for Growth Oriented Physician Outreach
Preparing Physicians for Outreach
5 Tips for Preparing Physicians for Outreach Success

Most physicians aren’t exposed to the art & science of referral development in medical school. But it can significantly impact practice growth & success. Learn how to best equip new & established physicians to be stronger at building & nurturing referral partnerships.

A Data-Driven Approach to Service Line Growth

Changes in technology, patient mix & reimbursement require today’s marketing & planning teams to be laser-focused when it comes to developing and executing growth initiatives.

Outreach Tactics and Strategies that Equate to ROI
Outreach Tactics & Strategies that Equate to ROI

One of the challenges that physicians liaisons often face is proving value, as many of their contributions to growth are not immediate & remain ongoing. While liaisons are crucial to issue resolution, an important factor in growing & maintaining referrals, it’s not quite the qualitative information that executives demand.

Beyond Recruiting: How to Onboard & Retain Your Best Physicians
How to Onboard & Retain Your Best Physicians

Recruiting the right providers for your organization is a complicated & key procedure that requires a strategic plan, implemented by skilled professionals. But that’s only the first step. Executing the critical next steps, onboarding & retention efforts, can help prevent physician turnover & significant revenue loss.

For the Love of Growth: How to Use Data to Drive Cardiovascular Service Line Growth
For the Love of Growth: How to Use Data to Drive Cardiovascular Service Line Growth

Whether it’s a deep dive into internal encounters & referrals or partnering with outreach teams to understand insights from the field, data’s the key to understanding & maximizing the patient pipelines that drive your cardiovascular program.

5 Key Relationships That Support Practice Growth
5 Key Relationships that Support Practice Growth

We’ve identified the 5 most important connections you can have for supporting a successful practice. And while they might seem easy to recognize, they can be more difficult to develop, track & leverage (that’s where Marketware comes in). Get off to a great start by knowing who’s in your corner.

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