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For the Love of Growth: How to Use Data to Drive Cardiovascular Service Line Growth

Changes in technology, patient mix and reimbursement require today’s marketing and planning teams to be laser-focused when it comes to developing and executing growth initiatives. Whether it’s a deep dive into internal encounters and referrals, market share research, shared patient analysis or partnering with outreach teams to understand insights from the field, data is the key to understanding and maximizing the key patient pipelines that drive your cardiovascular program.

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5 Key Relationships That Support Practice Growth –

We’ve identified the five most important connections you can have for supporting a successful practice. And while they might seem easy to recognize, they can be more difficult to develop, track and leverage (that’s where Marketware comes in). Get started by knowing who’s in your corner.

Medical and Physician Referral Growth
Revitalizing Physician Relations: Hit Your Referral Growth Stride –

You already understand the importance of physician relationships, and your liaison team is focused on growth. But if your referral gains still aren’t as robust as they should be, it’s time to learn how to implement strategies for revitalizing your physician relations function.

Orthopedics Practice Growth
3 Key Relationships that Support Orthopedic Practice Growth

You already know that patient relationships are the foundation for building and maintaining a healthy medical practice. But did you also know that better management of those key relationships could build a stronger practice? Discover how patients can be valuable when developed and nurtured properly.

Liaison Program Success Medical Field
Liaison Success 3-Part Series

Whether you work with a specialty clinic, hospital or large health system, practice growth and referral strength are hot topics. We show you how to better handle both in our three-part webinar series.

Decoding Data: Accelerate Practice Growth Using Business Intelligence

You could do more with all your available data, but interpreting it can be difficult, and the sheer volume can be overwhelming. We offer the help you need to access, organize and translate everything from claims and physician data to information about your company’s performance.

Searching For Patients With Analytics
Leverage Market Analytics to Engage Patients & Gain Loyalty

Analyzed and communicated properly, data can work for you, improving your outreach efforts and illustrating ROI to management. Learn from industry thought leaders as they share how to discover important trends, opportunities and more – it’s all in the data.

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