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Healthcare relationship management & analytics technology that strengthens your competitive advantage & identifies new growth opportunities.

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Physician Recruitment & Onboarding

Candidate tracking & onboarding software increases the number of quality providers in your pipeline, decreases the time to fill positions & improves new provider retention. Empower cross-team collaboration with full transparency into your recruitment & onboarding processes.

Physician Relationship Management

Physician profiles, combined with business intelligence data, offer quick analysis & actionable tasks to optimize referrals. Intuitive dashboards show month-to-month trends & liaison activity for a clear visualization of your physician relations.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Analyze claims & internal EHR/EMR data for clear insight into physician referral behavior in your market. Then, use dashboards to easily visualize this data to locate & stop leaks, identify competition, target providers & discover new opportunities.





Healthcare Relationship Management & Analytics Software

Marketware’s data-driven products are designed to deliver strategic growth to healthcare organizations of all sizes. Trusted by more than 200 health systems nationwide to help target, track & trend their key relationships, Marketware can provide the knowledge you need to guide your own growth strategies.

See how you can effectively influence physician recruitment, retention & referral behaviors with Ascend, Scout, & Embark. Talk to an expert today.



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