Physician Recruitment & Onboarding 

Develop recruitment, alignment & onboarding plans to attract, launch & retain top-notch healthcare providers

Physician Recruitment & Onboarding Planning

We’ll review your current physician recruitment and onboarding structure and processes, as well as opportunities to fill potential gaps and enhance your team’s success. This includes a customized list of targeted activities by onboarding category that can be imported, monitored and tracked within Ascend.


Physician Practice Development

Get a customized plan to support the development and promotion of a specific practice based on market insights and intelligence from your primary stakeholders. Your plan includes a targeted list of strategies, encounters and measures for success that can be imported, monitored and tracked within Ascend.


Focused Physician Training

Schedule a physician training event to help your new providers understand the art and science behind developing a successful practice—including the key measures of success, and how to effectively participate in physician recruitment outreach initiatives.



Creating Return on Investment

Use Case

Marketware provided strategic guidance in the recruitment and onboarding of new neurologists and neurosurgeons. Our technology also helped the health system create direct-to-patient and provider-to-provider campaigns to effectively promote their differentiators.

Results: The health system achieved a 2.1 point gain in market share, a 13% increase in volumes and an 18% gain in contribution.



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