Physician Recruitment & Onboarding

Get More Done, in Less Time

Designed by and for healthcare recruiters, Embark is an easy-to-use physician applicant tracking solution that helps you build your candidate database and effectively manage the providers that best fit your practice opportunities. Embark offers customizable workflows and templated activities that allow you to be more efficient at each stage in the recruitment process. The platform also includes reporting to demonstrate your team’s recruitment, onboarding and retention results.


Support Cross-Team Collaboration for Better Outcomes

Who Should Use Embark?

• Sourcing Specialists

• Recruiters

• Managers

• Executives

• Physician Onboarding Teams

• Practice Administrators

• Physician Champions


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Source, Qualify & Retain the Best Providers

With Embark, team members from across departments can work together to source, qualify, launch and retain the best providers. Better manage practice opportunities and build more comprehensive candidate profiles, including key professional and personal needs. You can also create best practice templates to optimize pipeline management. And support a collaborative onboarding environment–by allowing multiple users and organizations to contribute to practice launch plans. Most importantly, you can use robust dashboards to visualize pipeline gaps and prove your team’s impact.


What Can You Do with Embark?

Track Practice Opportunities

Define & manage opportunities across practices, facilities & enterprise.
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Evaluate Sources

Track candidates by source to ID the best tools & resources for leads.
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Visualize Complex Pipelines

Organize & optimize candidate flow & engagement.
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Elevate Onboarding Best Practices

Collaborate on activities for successful practice launch.
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Improve Team Results

Use reports to identify & act on your program gaps.
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Centralize Activities

Give all key players seamless access to one source of truth.
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