Liaison Success: A 3-Part Series

Part 1: Delivering on Referral Growth, Your Primary Objective

In the first segment of our 3-part series, we outline ways you can more effectively grow referral volumes and corresponding revenues for your organization. Topics include how to:

  • Interpret referral patterns & spot warning signs

  • Define & combat “splitter” behavior

  • Create a steadier, more predictable referral stream


Carrie Bennett

VP of Client Strategy



Part 2: Working Efficiently & Effectively

The second part of our 3-part series focuses on how liaisons can hone their craft and become some of the best in the business. From sharing trade secrets to discussing latest technologies, the insights include:

  • The value of going mobile. Technology accessed through a mobile device can improve your skills, productivity & outcomes

  • Better ways to track activities. It’s time to organize your efforts beyond sticky notes & spreadsheets

  • What data can do for you. Information, research & other data allow you to strategically target physicians for outreach activities


Josh Cameron

Client Success Strategist



Erica Newell

Client Success Strategist



Part 3: Transitioning Your Program from Good to Great

The final segment in this series discusses ways to fine-tune your liaison program and pinpoint needed adjustments. Learn how to take your program from one that gets the job done to one that truly exceeds expectations:

  • Add value at every outreach activity with proper preparation & specific goals

  • Quantify program ROI & demonstrate your real value to the organization

  • Increase the scope of your program to include physician recruitment & retention activities


Danielle Krystyniak

Client Success Strategist



Katie Alexander

Director, Physician Relations & Community Engagement

Tampa General


Physician Liaison Program Success



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