10 Ways Marketware Helps Physician Recruitment and Onboarding Teams

With the demand for physicians at an all-time high, physician recruitment and onboarding teams should be looking for a competitive edge—a way to get more done, in less time, all while finding and keeping the best fit for your practice opportunities.

Our web-based physician applicant tracking system unites stakeholders across your organization and ensures your recruitment and retention processes move together seamlessly.

To get you started on the right foot in the new year, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ways Marketware can help improve your physician recruitment and onboarding efforts.


1. Seamless Access

Marketware’s physician recruitment and onboarding platform is web-based, allowing our users to have seamless access to all their recruitment activities within a single, centralized location.


2. Identify Key Players

Marketware allows users to create a variety of profile records to manage all of the people & places involved in your recruitment and onboarding efforts, including providers, sources, leaders & physician champions.


3. Candidate Segmentation

Comprehensive candidate profiles allow physician recruiters to record essential professional & personal details; which can be used to create candidate segments that assign appropriate candidates to 1 or more active practice opportunities.


4. Opportunity & Project Report

Users can view key metrics related to recruiting and onboarding efforts, including key details about which sources are bringing in the best candidates, identify the time it takes to fill opportunities, and the average time it takes to hire a provider.


5. Organize & Manage Activities

Whether you’re actively building your candidate database, nurturing current leads or planning your next virtual interview, you can easily house all necessary activities in one place. Utilize Marketware’s activity dashboard to help manage and plan your day, understanding the activities due this week, today and any overdue items that need immediate attention.


6. Leverage Best Practices

Use Marketware to customize your pipelines and projects in order to leverage the best practices associated with our physician recruitment and onboarding efforts. Our templated workflows and projects allow you to define pipeline stages in advance, based on processes your organization requires.


7. Full Pipeline Transparency

Marketware allows physician recruitment and onboarding teams to easily visualize & prioritize practice opportunities, onboarding projects or providers.


8. Cross-Team Collaboration

Support a team-based physician recruitment and onboarding environment by having multiple users & departments contribute to the qualifying, recruitment & onboarding of new providers. In app activity commenting and mentions trigger email notifications so users never miss a beat on the latest updates to a candidate or provider in progress.


9. Track KPIs

Report on key metrics to better understand pipeline gaps and prove team impact. Use our dashboards to set goals and understand metrics, such as how many days to complete in each stage and which steps in the pipeline are often being skipped.


10. Added Business Insights

Integrate physician recruitment and onboarding efforts into Marketware’s entire Physician Strategy Suite for added insights, collaboration and ROI analysis.


Interested in learning more about how Marketware can help you get more done in less time? Schedule a demo with one of our solution strategist today to see how Marketware can benefit your physician recruiting and onboarding teams.