Introducing Marketware’s High-Level Physician Recruitment Dashboards

The recruit overview is Marketware’s latest introduction to high level visual reporting for physician and provider recruiting.

Marketware users can access the new physician recruitment dashboards from their main navigation to use different quick lists to report on what’s happening not only on an account level, but at a team level for managers or for onboarding progress.

In our latest dashboard users can now visualize:

  • The total practice opportunities created in the last 12 months
  • A calculation of average days it takes to hire a candidate
  • The number of opportunities completed by or before the target fill date


In addition to the recruiting practice opportunities and days-to-fill dashboards, users are now able to visualize and report on how many opportunities are completed with a given specialty each year. 


View and analyze the number of candidates that have been added to a practice opportunity, as well as the number of active, inactive, and hired candidates.


Marketware users can analyze the number and type of candidate in each stage in order to ensure the recruitment process is on-track and understand where issues or hang-ups are taking place. Our “inactive reason” physician recruitment dashboard provides insight into where a candidate becomes inactive in each stage and why.

Lastly, users can identify the top sources for candidate recruiting over the last 12 months to better understand where top candidates are being sourced and recruited, providing insight and strategy as to where recruiters should continue to focus their efforts.


Interested in learning more? Take a customized tour of our newest recruitment dashboards! One of our solution specialists will tailor a demo to your needs. Schedule a tour today!