Onboarding Efforts Made Easier with Marketware’s Physician Onboarding Dashboards

Physician Onboarding Overview Page

We’re excited to introduce our newest onboarding feature: Marketware’s physician onboarding overview page! Gain high-level insights into the progress of onboarding projects and utilize different quick lists to report on what’s happening on an account-based level, a team level for managers, or your own onboarding progress.


In the dashboard, you’ll be able to visualize:

  • Total onboarding projects
  • Total providers in all onboarding projects
  • Any new people records that have been added as a provider to an onboarding project
  • The total number of expected launch dates by month


The dashboard also displays graphs showcasing:

  • The total count of providers in their respective status of all projects year-to-date
  • The percentage of physicians to advanced care practitioners being onboarding
  • Provider statuses over the last 12 months
  • Launch date change reasons over the last 12 months
  • A roll up count of how many providers have launch dates in the coming 6 months


Marketware is also excited to introduce Teams!

Teams allows organizations of any size to set up and manage groups and partitions for access management and reporting needs.

Our teams feature can be used to:

  • Block off certain records for credentialing or HR needs
  • Manage residency recruiting needs that may be separate from main hire needs
  • Separate different service line departments and management
  • Manage different regions and assign specific places for management


In addition to teams and physician onboarding dashboards, we’ve also added the ability to assign onboarding coordinators to a person or record and quick lists have been added to all list views so users can view “all records”, “my records”, and “my team’s records.”


Interested in learning more? We’d love to show you around! Schedule a demo with one of our onboarding solution specialists to see the latest updates and dashboards. Get started today!