Marketware Expands Healthcare Growth Suite with Release of Embark

Marketware rang in the new year with the release of Embark–a web-based physician recruitment and onboarding solution designed by, and for, healthcare recruiters. Embark is the newest addition to Marketware’s already robust healthcare growth suite, which includes PRM, healthcare business intelligence and physician marketing tools.

“Embark fills a dire need for automation in the provider recruiting and onboarding space,” explains Alex Obbard, Marketware’s CEO. “Teams are often siloed, workflows are fragmented and recruiters are challenged to showcase their efforts in real-time. Embark finally gets everyone on the same page, with the right tools, to simplify activities and improve fill rates.”


Accomplish More, in Less Time

Embark is an easy-to-use applicant tracking and onboarding solution designed to increase the number of quality provider candidates, decrease the time to fill positions and improve new provider retention. The platform’s customized pipelines and templated activities help healthcare recruiters accomplish more, in less time. And its robust dashboards and reporting help managers share key metrics to prove their team’s value and results to leadership as part of our healthcare growth suite. 


Collaborate Across Teams

Thanks to a web-based platform, Embark gives users seamless, centralized access to all tracked recruiting efforts. Plus, it supports cross-team collaboration. Key players from across departments can work together to source, qualify and retain the best providers:

  • Build comprehensive candidate profiles–with personal & professional data
  • Create best practice templates–for optimal pipeline management
  • Manage practice opportunities–to encourage team-based recruitment
  • Support a collaborative onboarding environment–multiple users and departments contributing to the practice launch plan
  • Report on key recruitment metrics–to understand pipeline gaps and prove impact

Learn more about Embark and Marketware’s healthcare growth suite and schedule a customized, free demo with our team.