Physician Relationship Management

A Tool for Maximizing Provider Engagements

Ascend takes provider and physician relationship management to a higher standard by combining provider profiles, business intelligence data and project management tools, and tailoring them to support growth agents—such as outreach, onboarding and recruitment activities. Gaining the insights needed to target specific providers and partners, planning and auditing structured encounters and tracking roadblock issues have never been easier. These learnings can also be tied to key strategic initiatives and allow you to trend metrics over time, ensuring relationships are on target. Let us help manage your patient/provider relationships. 


Provide the Best Tool to Foster the Right Provider Relationships

Who Should Use Ascend?

• Liaisons

• Recruiters

• Managers

• Executives

• Physician Onboarding Teams

• Practice Administrators

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Ascend—Physician Relationship Management

Ascend—Physician Relationship Management


Enjoy 1 Product That Supports You 3 Ways

With Ascend, you have the ability to plan, track and measure effectiveness of liaison activity across key growth initiatives. You’ll be better armed to prevent physician turnover and loss of revenue due to onboarding inefficiencies by keeping organized timelines and task assignments. You can also review responsiveness tracking and trending physicians, and close the loop on any obstacles to access or service issues. Plus, take advantage of platform integration with Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar and Google Maps to optimize your time in the field.

Creating Return on Investment

Florida Use Case

Vascular surgeons at a Florida hospital wanted support in promoting a newly accredited Aorta Program to increase awareness and market share. They used Ascend to understand their current market position and efficiently narrow down 1,600 potential referring offices to 140-targeted providers.

Results: After 3 months of outreach, the vascular surgery market share saw a 7% increase from 4 targeted zip codes.

Ascend—Physician Relationship Management

What Can You Do with Ascend?

Set Growth Initiatives

Undertake goal-specific pre-call planning to boost recruitment & outreach efforts.

Monitor Issue Management

Keep referring physicians, providers & future partners happy with hardwired responsiveness.

Streamline Physician Onboarding

Quantify & prioritize provider targets to streamline your physician onboarding process.

Plan Your Day

Bring your work ecosystem to life & optimize your day by planning & mapping your route.

Enjoy Seamless Integrations

Act on insights with Marketware product connectivity.

Work From Anywhere

Take notes, plan tasks, view initiatives—anywhere, anytime.

Track Progress

Illustrate ROI to stakeholders with informative reports & presentations.

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Ascend—Physician Relationship Management