Why Focus on Physician Retention? [Infographic]

When providers play an integral part in your growth strategy, physician retention can be just as important as recruitment for overall success. Even if you hit your recruiting benchmarks, if you’re not meeting your retention or productivity goals, your organization’s growth, quality and financial performance will suffer. Why should you focus on physician retention? We’ve built an infographic to highlight this growing problem and ways you can tackle it head on.


Tackling the Challenge

Consider these 5 tips to help retain your best physicians:

  1. Know the difference between orientation (HR, EMR & compliance training) & onboarding
  2. Create checklists for key onboarding activities & best practices across the first 18-24 months
  3. Support new physician success with business intelligence data that identifies potential patient pipelines
  4. Assign new physicians a medical staff mentor for provider integration, marketing outreach specialist for practice development & community liaison for family networking
  5. Use technology & data to target the right providers for outreach, track your efforts & trend the results

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