What Do Physician Liaisons Do & Why Your Clinic Needs One

Blog—What Do Physician Liaisons Do Why Your Clinic Needs One


Chances are, you can’t find a good physician liaison definition. However, physician liaisons are rapidly becoming indispensable to the success of healthcare clinics and organizations across the country. Physician liaisons are definitely in demand. But, their job roles and responsibilities still aren’t widely known.

So, what do physician liaisons do? And why should your clinic have one? Let’s do a quick review.


Why Physician Liaisons Are Valuable

Say you’re at a routine doctor’s visit, where you learn you need emergency gallbladder surgery. Your general practitioner quickly recommends you to a surgeon they know and trust. And because you trust your doctor, you trust the recommended surgeon. But, have you ever thought about how these referrals are made? How your doctor connects with, and vets, other doctors outside of his or her specialty?

This is where physician liaisons come into play… and physician relationship management (PRM) software.

Doctors have much less time to build relationships with other doctors, specialists, clinics and hospitals. So, they’re now looking to physician liaisons to create and manage these crucial working relationships. And because this is such an important responsibility, physician liaisons are turning to PRMs to optimize their physician relations and identify the best physicians or care centers for referrals.

Ultimately, a good physician liaison means better patient care. Since physician liaisons act as relationship-building proxies for time-constrained doctors, patients get better access to a wider network of experienced care providers. This is a win for patients. And a win for your business.


What Tools & Traits Should Physician Liaisons Have?

This is where it gets tricky. There’s no formal degree or path that you should look for. However, physician liaisons typically have backgrounds in sales, HR or marketing, and possess these traits:

  • Self-starter
  • Motivated
  • Organized
  • Good communicator
  • Professional
  • Personal

As for the tools physician liaisons use, a PRM and healthcare analytics software keep them at the top of their game. For example, Marketware’s Ascend software helps physician liaisons centralize their notes, quickly research and prioritize targets and then map the most efficient route for seeing them. Scout analytics help them visualize the strength of a physician’s referral base—and his or her existing connections—to achieve strategic goals.


Why Your Clinic Needs a Physician Liaison

Whether you’re a physician, recruiter, manager, executive or administrator, you’ll benefit from having a good physician liaison on your team. A physician liaison’s role is versatile and can be tailored to suit your clinic’s specific needs. If you need more referrals, new connections or someone to nurture patient/physician/practice relationships, physician liaisons will deliver.

If you want to push your clinic’s growth and outcomes even further, make sure to support your physician liaison with a PRM or healthcare business intelligence platform… or both! You must know your market to grow your market.

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