From the Web to the Waiting Room

What does the explosion of access to digital healthcare information mean for providers? For one, organizations must develop a strong two-way digital conversation with their patients to remain competitive in acquisition and retention. Watch Erik Oh, CEO of Review Concierge, and Bryce Bartel, CEO of Marketware, offer insights into leveraging technology to respond to modern patient demands for information and responsiveness.


In this webinar, you’ll learn how to accelerate your patient acquisition by:

  • Gathering & analyzing data on online reviews

  • Responding to reviews & opening channels with patients online

  • Creating email & direct mail patient marketing campaigns

  • Tracking & measuring the ROI of your targeted patient outreach


Sneak Peek

“As a healthcare provider, your online reputation is incredibly important. An online presence can make or break any business, & this is especially true in healthcare. A potential patient will be trusting you with their health, comfort & possibly their life. So, making sure you are a reliable & trustworthy provider will be a top priority.”

— Review Concierge





Erik Oh

Review Concierge


Bryce Bartel


From the Web to the Waiting Room



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