Revitalizing Physician Relations: Hit Your Referral Growth Stride

Your liaisons are the best, but could they be better? They can if you make sure your team is optimally positioned for growth in an increasingly complex healthcare landscape.

Marcy Traxler, VP of Business Development, will show how AMITA Health reconfigured their business development approach for supporting service lines, employed medical group initiatives, and physician outreach to improve their tactical physician engagement and referral programs. Plus, Susan Boydell, Partner, Barlow/McCarthy will offer her insights into referral growth success.


In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your referral program

  • Evaluate and define your sales cycle

  • Master the challenges of engaging new physicians, consolidating teams and adapting to new referral networks in the face of new affiliations

  • Engage stakeholders and leadership

  • Track ROI through data-driven technology


Sneak Peek

“Gatekeepers are more ferocious than they ever were before. This whole world of revitalization is really important, because if we’re not providing value in those offices, we’re not going to get face time with the key decision makers.” – Susan Boydell, Barlow McCarthy




Marcy Traxler

VP of Business Development
AMITA Health System


Susan Boydell




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