5 Key Relationships that Support Practice Growth

Join Josh Cameron, Marketing Manager at Oncology Consultants, and Carrie Bennett, VP of Client Strategy at Marketware, as they discuss the 5 key relationships your practice should focus on.


In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies for connecting with:

  • Current Patients. Employ best practices to ensure a positive experience, creating patients who recommend your services.
  • New Patients. Understand how they find their way to your door & use a data-driven approach to attract your ideal patient population.
  • Web Searchers. More patients than ever search the internet for information about healthcare providers. Learn how you can support growth by optimizing your online presence.
  • Referral Partners. Learn how to use data & technology to better identify, understand & engage your key referral partners.
  • Community Partners. Discover how partnering with key groups can help your community better understand & access the services you provide.




Josh Cameron

Marketing Manager
Oncology Consultants


Carrie Bennett

VP of Client Strategy

5 Key Relationships That Support Practice Growth



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