5 Key Relationships That Support Practice Growth

Watch Josh Cameron, Marketing Manager at Oncology Consultants; and Carrie Bennett, VP of Client Strategy at Marketware, discuss the five key relationships your practice should focus on.


In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies for connecting with:


1. Current Patients. Employ best practices to ensure a positive experience, creating patients who recommend your services.


2. New Patients. Understand how they find their way to your door, and use a data-driven approach to attract your ideal patient population.


3. Web Searchers. More patients than ever search the internet for information about healthcare providers. Learn how you can support growth by optimizing your online presence.


4. Referral Partners. Learn how to use data and technology to better identify, understand and engage your key referral partners.


5. Community Partners. Discover how partnering with key groups can help your community better understand and access the services you provide.



Josh Cameron

Marketing Manager
Oncology Consultants


Carrie Bennett

VP of Client Strategy,

5 Key Relationships That Support Practice Growth



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