The 4 Must-Haves for Referral Development in Orthopedics

How do you separate successful programs from those that miss the mark? Watch as Carol Ittig, Practice Administrator with Lederman Kwartowitz Center for Orthopedics; and Kriss Barlow of Barlow/McCarthy, lead a discussion on the essentials for planning and executing successful physician referral development outreach.


In this webinar, you’ll learn the importance of:

  • Analyzing your position and development progress with referring physicians

  • Improving relationships with local hospitals & clinics

  • Supporting your physicians in outreach efforts from day one

  • Leveraging technology for analytics & referral development tracking


Sneak Peek

“In any given area, there are always a number of physicians that could serve as referral sources for spine and orthopedic surgeons. This group could include individuals such as primary care physicians and chiropractors. Referrals can be a significant portion of a spine or orthopedic surgeon’s case volume.” – Becker’s Spine Review





Kriss Barlow



Carol Ittig

Practice Administrator
Lederman Kwartowitz Center for Orthopedic & Sports Medicine


Kyle Spackman

Account Executive



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