3 Strategies for Growth-Oriented Physician Outreach

Ready to shift your organization’s focus from retention to growth? In this instructional webinar, you’ll learn 3 essential strategies for boosting your physician outreach success. See how to quickly identify the markets and service lines with the most ROI. And how to construct a physician liaison team, with the best methods for tracking their efforts. You’ll also hear how Augusta University Health uses robust healthcare data analytics and claims information to direct their physician liaisons toward key growth initiatives.


In this webcast, you’ll learn how to:

  • Boost outreach success using a liaison hybrid model, reporting on service lines & identifying high volume providers

  • Use internal data to uncover first referral, month-over-month & liaison-to-referral trends

  • Effectively share wins through data-driven storytelling & referral value calculations



Teri Mobley

Director of Outreach

Augusta University Health

Josh Cameron

Lead Client Success Manager



3 Strategies for Growth Oriented Physician Outreach



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