Trends in Provider Recruitment & Onboarding [Infographic]

Provider recruitment and onboarding is a top business development strategy for most health systems across the US. However, it can be a complex and costly process–costing these organizations more than they gain, if not well organized and managed. To help your team reap the rewards, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting trends in provider recruitment and onboarding today. Use these insights to set your strategy.



Tackling the Challenge

Consider these 5 best practices to improve your physician recruitment efforts… and outcomes:

  1. ID what/who your organization needs; the more specific you are, the better your fit (& their long-term satisfaction) will be
  2. Know the numbers you need to reach–i.e. leads per candidate, days to fill openings, etc.
  3. Create systems to build & track your pipeline; enlist a physician recruitment & onboarding tool like Embark
  4. Use interviews to properly set expectations & assess fit
  5. Measure & optimize your team’s success; extend onboarding program beyond 90 days

For more details about these 5 best practices, or other trends in provider recruitment and onboarding, read Mitzi Kent’s blog.