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Onboarding & Retention Flow Chart - Marketware Tools / Templates
Prescribe Healthier Physician Onboarding & Retention

When it comes to your strategic growth strategy, retaining physicians is equally important to recruiting them, and it can be more difficult. Learn how to stop physician attrition from negatively impacting your organization’s growth, quality and financial performance.

Physician Investment Committee - Marketware Tools / Templates
Audit Your Own Growth Investments

Physician alignment doesn’t stop at implementation. Your investment in growth must measure ROI tied to specific physician opportunities. Make sure you have a team committed to this task.

Blitz vs Coordinated Campaign - Marketware Tools / Templates
Roll Out the Right Referral Development Campaign

When it comes to referral development, your campaign should be defined by your budget and your goals. In most cases you will be choosing between a “Blitz” or a “Coordinated” campaign structure, or maybe you’ll need a bit of both. But how do you know which effort is best for your practice and your activity?

Organizational Priorities Worksheet - Marketware Tools / Templates
Align Priorities & Avoid Discord

Before deciding where to focus your time and attention, it’s important to first connect with leaders in your organization to uncover key priorities. Your team leaders can also provide valuable insight based on information sharing and time spent in the field. Gathering and evaluating priorities can help ensure your goals are met in harmony with your organization.

Data-Driven Referral Development - Marketware Tools / Templates
Depend on Data-Driven Referral Development

Using a data-driven approach, our tool can help you develop stronger initiatives and target lists, focusing outreach resources where they can add the most value. In addition, data can provide the foundation needed to measure and demonstrate return on specific outreach activities.

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