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PRM Adoption

Do you know the must-haves for securing PRM buy-in & optimizing your system’s use? Download this tool kit for helpful tips on getting started & the next steps to take, based on our PRM adoption best practices.

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ToolKit—PRM Adoption

Physician Onboarding

To succeed in a new provider’s ramp up, day-to-day effectiveness & long-term retention, you need a comprehensive physician onboarding plan that extends beyond their first 3 months on the job. Learn what steps to take, & who to involve, in this helpful tool kit.


Physician Recruitment & Retention

When providers play an integral part in your growth strategy, retention can be just as important as physician recruitment for overall success. Know what questions to ask, what to look for & how to organize your site visits so you get, & keep, the best candidates.


Practice Development & Providers

While physicians learn a lot during & after med school, they often receive little to no training on practice development. Download this tool kit to learn how to coach your providers on growing their business.

Tool Kit—Data-Driven Physician Outreach

Data-Driven Physician Outreach

The leaders of today’s physician outreach teams will attest that data is the cornerstone for successful referral development initiatives. Learn what data sources to review, key questions to ask & what actions to take for more impactful growth planning.