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Coach Providers on Practice Development

While physicians learn a lot during & after med school, they often receive little to no training on how to promote their practice. Download this tool kit to learn how to coach your providers on growing their business.

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Identifying Ideal Candidates - Marketware Tools / Templates
Your Guide to Identifying Your Ideal Candidate

One of the most challenging responsibilities for healthcare practice managers is clearly defining & filling important business development positions. But, there are proven ways to meet this challenge. We can help you get the information & guidance you need to identify & attract the right candidates for these crucial roles.

Prepare for Successful Outreach Visits
Prepare for Successful Outreach Visits

Referring doctors typically send patients to practices they know. They’re putting their reputations at stake by endorsing physicians. That’s why it’s key to use your time with providers to build confidence in you professionally, while connecting with them personally. Read our step-by-step plan for a successful practice launch.

Develop New Physician Referrals
Develop New Physician Referrals

Developing referrals for new physicians is no small task. Besides knowing the basics—their med school, residency, board certification(s), etc.—you need to dive deeper to market them effectively. This is where our worksheet can help. Use it to easily identify what sets them apart from the rest.

Provider Outreach Follow-up Guide
Provider Outreach Follow-Up Guide

You had a great first visit. But how do you stay connected with a new provider after your initial outreach? Consistent, effective follow up is vital to earning his or her engagement. Learn what tips & strategies we’ve found to be the most successful in this helpful outreach guide.

Find Your Top 20 Networking Contacts
Find Your Top 20 Networking Contacts

Have you heard the expression… “It’s not what you know, but who you know”? Networking is essential to creating loyal, profitable referral connections. Luckily, we’ve created this checklist to help you quickly narrow down your contacts, to focus on the most promising relationships.

Assessment Development Tool - Marketware Tools / Templates
Take a Team Approach to Growth Planning

Successful referral development planning starts with a comprehensive review of available market share & field intelligence data. Plus, a realistic view of your organization’s strengths & weaknesses. Assessing these areas upfront with your referral development team can help you more effectively determine how well your organization’s positioned for growth.

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