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Turning Gatekeepers into Gateways

A physician’s time is their most valuable resource, with most compensated based on productivity. So you need to assure gatekeepers that any time their providers take away from treating patients equates to time well spent. Here’s the guidance you need to get on the calendar.

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Turning Gatekeepers into Gateways - Physician Relations & Engagement
Identifying Ideal Candidates - Marketware Tools / Templates
Your Guide to Identifying Your Ideal Candidate

One of the most challenging responsibilities for healthcare practice managers is clearly defining and filling important positions in business development. But there are ways to better meet that challenge. We can help you get the information and guidance you need to identify and attract the right candidates for these crucial roles.

Connecting Styles - Marketware Tools / Templates
Recognize 4 Different Connection Styles & Relationship Building Skills

Effective teams are composed of a variety of individuals, all with their own backgrounds, experience and styles for connecting with others. Learn to better understand each style, and you can staff your referral teams for greater success and create a more individualized, productive outreach approach.

Assessment Development Tool - Marketware Tools / Templates
Take a Team Approach to Growth Planning

Successful referral development planning starts with a comprehensive review of available market share & field intelligence data, plus a realistic view of your organization’s strengths & weaknesses. Assessing these areas upfront with your referral development team can help you more effectively determine how well your organization is positioned for growth.

Recommended Outreach Strategies - Marketware Tools / Templates
Develop a Focused Outreach Strategy

With so many responsibilities and so little time, it might be tempting to apply a shotgun approach to your physician outreach efforts. But by taking advantage of data and field intelligence, you can bring focus to your strategy and results to your efforts. Actionable data is out there, if you know where to look.

How to B.U.I.L.D. Strong Referral Relationships
B.U.I.L.D. Strong Referral Relationships Plan

When used consistently, our B.U.I.L.D. plan—Build Rapport, Understand Purpose, Inquire, Log Results, Define Next Steps — was designed to help you connect with providers and referral partners to create and strengthen your most important relationships. Start planning for success now.

Sample Physician Candidate Interview - Marketware Tools / Templates
Physician Candidate Interview Guide

You’re tasked with growing the practice, which often means adding physicians to your roster. But how do you know if a provider is the right one for you? We can help you take a lot of the pain out of your interview, onboarding and retention process.

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