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Identifying Ideal Candidates

This guide is designed to support healthcare leaders in clearly defining the business development role they hope to ll and what traits to look for in potential candidates.

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Identifying Ideal Candidates - Marketware Tools / Templates
Connecting Styles - Marketware Tools / Templates
Connecting Styles

Effective teams are made up of a variety of individuals who are bringing their own background, experience and connecting style to the table. By better understanding each style, you can employ a more focused outreach tactics for strengthening and growing your referral relationships.

Assessment Development Tool - Marketware Tools / Templates
Assessment and Development Tool

Successful referral development planning starts with a comprehensive review of available market share data, field intelligence and a realistic view of your organization’s strengths. Assessing these areas together can help referral development teams determine if they are well positioned for growth.

Turning Gatekeepers into Gateways - Marketware Tools / Templates
Turning Gatekeepers into Gateways

Whether you are new to physician outreach or have years of experience, earning face time with providers can be difficult. A physician’s time is their most valuable resource. Most are compensated based on their productivity. This means that any time they take away from evaluating or treating patients equates to money they are leaving on the table.

Recommended Outreach Strategies - Marketware Tools / Templates
Recommended Outreach Strategies

By using available data and field intelligence to classify referral partners into a specific splitter category, you can develop a focused outreach strategy for strengthening and growing referral relationships.

Strong Referral Relationships - Marketware Tools / Templates
How to B.U.I.L.D. Strong Referral Relationships

These steps – when done consistently– create a common game plan anyone can use to connect with physicians and other referral partners.

Sample Physician Candidate Interview - Marketware Tools / Templates
Sample Physician Candidate Interview

A compiled list of helpful questions to ask physicians every step of the way through the interview process and when to ask them. This list will make sure to asking the right questions in order to be sure you are getting the right candidate on your team, ensuring your organizations success.

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