Healthcare Service Line Planning

Translate market insights & stakeholder feedback into effective goals & strategies

Service Line Performance Review

Get a ready-to-present executive briefing highlighting opportunities to strengthen and grow a targeted service line. This review includes a formal analysis of your current service line trends, gaps and opportunities based on market insights and intelligence gathered from essential stakeholders.


New Service Analysis

This summary white paper reviews current industry trends tied to the implementation of a new service offering. Your new service analysis includes an overview of the best practices and resources you’ll need for implementation, as well as the projected financial, market and quality impact.

Service Line Initiatives Planning

Your tailor-made plan to support the promotion of a specific service line initiative based on market insights, known best practices and intelligence from key stakeholders. It includes a targeted list of strategies and related encounters that can be imported, tracked and monitored within Ascend.



Creating Return on Investment

Market Share Use Case

A health system enlisted Marketware to help create a cardiovascular joint operating committee to research new programs, procedures and opportunities in the hopes of tapping new patient pipelines.

Results: Within the first 2 years of the committee’s launch, the health system achieved a 19% growth in valve cases. This volume shift, coupled with shifts in their direct costs, accounted for an estimated $200K in incremental contribution margins, and a 4 point increase in their market share.



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