Referral Team Development

How to use best practices & our Growth Suite to optimize performance

Physician Liaison Recruitment & Onboarding

Get a customized plan to support the successful recruitment and onboarding of new liaisons. Our offering includes sample job descriptions, focused skill assessments, an interview aid and a customized onboarding plan covering the new hire’s first 100 days.


Analytics Support

A dedicated Marketware Data Analyst will serve as an extension of your team, as needed, to better understand your organization’s trends and market insights. You’ll partner with this individual for a set number of hours—monthly, quarterly or annually—to support your special projects and reports.



Growth Team Retreat

Marketware’s Growth Retreat is a focused training event with members of your team. It includes best practices and hands-on support on how to optimize the use of our Growth Suite to successfully develop, track and measure your data-driven initiatives.



Creating Return on Investment

Physician Satisfaction Use Case

Marketware provided the structured tools and resources needed to help a large health system implement a physician engagement program.

Results: The health system had a 4.98% increase in overall physician satisfaction; and a similar increase in the communication and responsiveness of their administration.



Helpful Resources & Templates

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