Why Managing Referral Leakage Is Important? [Infographic]

Managing referral leakage is becoming an important activity for those of us tasked with practice growth. The most commonly understood definition for referral leakage is: referrals that should have came to your organization, but, instead, were lost to a competitor. There are a great deal of places we can lose a patient when we look at the entire continuum of care. This is why it’s so important to effectively manage physician referrals.

To better explain how damaging referral leakage can be to your organization, we’ve built an infographic identifying the most critical points of leakage.


Technology for Managing Referral Leakage

A key to managing referral leakage is to understand your drivers, and barriers, to growth. Learn how Marketware’s physician relationship management (prm) software and healthcare business intelligence tool work hand-in-hand to help you ID your best growth opportunities, and stop leakage.