Top Follow Up Activities for New Provider Referral Development

Top Follow Up Activities–Blog

When it comes to new provider referral development, many of the physician liaisons I know do a great job with their exploratory visits and the provider-to-provider meet and greets that follow. That said, many admit they tend to jump onto the next growth campaign, until the new provider’s referrals plateau and they are asked to jump back in and circle the wagons.

To successfully capture or redirect key patient pipelines, you should create a follow up plan designed to ensure one growth objective doesn’t potentially fizzle out while focusing on the next. This includes actively partnering with new providers and their office managers. Here are some of my top engagement strategies.


Follow Up Activities for New Provider Referral Development

Handwritten thank you note
Write a handwritten thank you note within 48 hours of an introductory meeting. Include something specific mentioned or gained from their encounter together.

First patient referral call
Schedule a brief phone call to the referring physician on the same day he or she sees the first patient referred from the prospect.

Patient consult thank you template
Create an automatic “thank you for trusting me with your patient” template. Attach it to a follow up note and send it within 24-48 hours of a patient consult.

3-month check in
Within the first 90 days of meeting, reach out at least once via email, phone, text or in person about a mutual interest to further establish rapport. This can be a professional interest, such as a relevant journal article, or personal one, such as a recommended golf course.

6-month check in
To keep providers engaged, email a quick note and attach an interesting journal article or patient case study at around the six-month mark.

Top referral partner thank you note
Send a second handwritten thank you note to the top referral partners leading up to the practice’s one-year anniversary.

Anniversary thank you letter
Send a thank you letter attached to an interesting patient case study in conjunction with the new practice’s one-year anniversary.


Adjust Your Follow Up Plan with Data

Along with the activities listed above, you should actively review the new provider’s referral log on a consistent basis to flag first referrals, lagging referrals and other key trends. I use this data to create a target list of “revisits” I may need to make with targeted partners to address potential barriers for growth.

If you’re interested in other tips for coaching new providers on practice development, check out our free tool kit. Or, please reach out to me directly at I’d love to discuss other ways you’re effectively supporting new provider referral development.