Embark Introduces Comments & Notifications


Now, more than ever, we understand the importance of working cross-departmentally to build your candidate base and retain the best talent. While many of us are still navigating working from home, we’re finding ways to continue to stay in direct contact and collaboration with our colleagues. That’s why we’re excited to announce the addition of commenting and notifications in Embark!

In our latest release, Embark users will now be able to add comments to activities in the platform, as well as mention other users by tagging them, allowing for better visualization into where candidates and new providers stand – as well as outstanding items or next steps.


We’ve also incorporated other notifications into the Embark platform. For example, Embark users will now receive notifications when they are mentioned by another user in a comment, as well as when they are assigned by another user as:

  • the person responsible for completing a specific activity tied to a candidate or new provider
  • the owner of a specific practice opportunity or onboarding project
  • a lead for an onboarding project group
  • the relationship manager for a new provider or healthcare facility
  • the recruiter on record for a candidate or lead

The ability to use notifications and comments within Embark will help teams continue to progress on activities and stay up-to-date on onboarding projects and practice opportunities.

One of our users’ favorite features continues to be the workflow tab tied to each practice opportunity which helps recruiters visualize the progression of candidates through the practice opportunity. To help recruiters stay focused on only the right candidates in your practice opportunity we’ve added the ability to filter this view so instead of all candidates, recruiters are able to focus on just those who are active, inactive or all depending on what they are working on in the moment.


Early adopter feedback also led us to enhance both our candidate profile and our practice opportunity overview, making it easier to for recruiters to identify key opportunity details and candidate requirements.  We also added new visuals on the practice opportunity overview that help recruiters and leadership see the number of candidates tied to the opportunity by status and recruitment stage at-a-glance.


We’d love to hear your thoughts about these latest updates and learn more about what you might like to see added in the future. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin or reach out via email.

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