Tune In: 5 Things to Know When Emailing Provider Candidates

5 Things to Know When Emailing Provider Candidates

Are you an in-house physician recruiter looking to increase your success with email? Or, part of a provider recruitment leadership team hoping to lead the way with a strong email strategy? Get helpful tips and best practices from physician recruitment sourcing specialist Tony Barlow in our Nov. 22 webinar – 5 Things to Know When Emailing Provider Candidates.

With the physician shortage crisis worsening, top providers are approached by multiple practices each and every day. In fact, newly trained physicians now average between 50-100 job offers!


Reaching the Best Provider Candidates

The competition is fierce. So, how can you ensure your messages stand out to reach the best provider candidates for your practice opportunities? Evaluating your email cadence is a great place to start. Barlow explains:

“Sending emails for multiple (Barlow/McCarthy) clients and doing numerous searches has given us a more refined look at message timing and frequency. In this webinar, we will review our best practices for how often you should be messaging both practicing and resident physicians. As with most things in life, timing is key.”

Other tactical help that Barlow will outline include:

  • The best way to build out email content and subject lines
  • Optimal days/times to send your messages
  • How to parse through your data for clues to improve future efforts

“I hope that everyone who attends the webinar will walk away with a plan of attack for how to approach email in the future,” Barlow notes. “Emailing provider candidates can be a bit intimidating. The contact lists are huge and the repercussions of making a mistake can be great. But with a solid strategy, you can confidently work through the process and push SEND knowing you are on the right path.”


Enlisting Physician Recruitment Technology

Barlow will also be joined by Marketware’s COO, and former physician recruiter, Carrie Bennett. She’ll discuss some of the technology you can use to increase the numbers of quality providers in your pipeline, including Marketware’s physician recruitment and onboarding tool – Embark.

If you’d like to send either speaker your questions or email messaging challenges in advance, please forward them to me at: joychurch.millard@marketware.com. We hope you’ll join us on the 22nd!