Client Success

Strategist supporting you every step of the way

Our Commitment to You

At Marketware, we believe in creating technology that translates into outcomes. While many software applications focus on features and buttons, we focus on improving your team’s efficiency and bottom-line performance.

Our commitment is to provide you with the strategic insight and support to enable you and your organization to strengthen and grow targeted service lines. We forward to working with you and being a part of your team’s continued success.


Client Success Strategist

As you begin to dive into Marketware and interact with the functionality available to you, we understand questions may arise. In order to help answer your questions and learn together, you’ll work closely with one of our Client Success Strategists. Your assigned CSS will be with you every step of the way. Look to them as your guide to direct you in finding opportunity and growth for your organization. Your CSS is your go-to representative, and will touch base with you often. From weekly calls to emails, you’ll find they’re always there to keep you moving forward.






Executive Business Review

Once you are through the implementation phase and your team’s actively using Marketware, your Client Success Strategist will not only continue to be your advocate, but also focus on providing strategic insight. This is accomplished through a routine Executive Business Review (EBR). These scheduled meetings are designed to engage your key stakeholders in understanding how optimization of Marketware’s Growth Suite can further support a positive return on investment for organizational goals and strategies.




Meet the Team


Josh Cameron, MBA

Director, Client Development

As a former marketing director and Marketware client, I’m in the unique position to relate to the goals you have in place and use my experience to help you navigate Marketware’s products to achieve them. I’ll partner with you to understand your market and show you how Marketware can help your organization grow.

Danielle Krystyniak

Sr. Client Success Strategist

Seeing clients succeed in achieving goals through the use and knowledge of Marketware is the ultimate reward. I want to empower users and departments to fully understand their market and use the insights they’ve gained successful and actionable way. I look forward to pulling our resources together and providing the best value to your organization.

Kristy Leonard

Client Success Strategist

With my prior experience at a large hospital system, I understand the senior leader initiatives and the tasks assigned to physician liaisons to get the work done. I can help you understand the data, set appropriate goals and get the most out of Marketware. I look forward to working with your team to achieve continued growth and success.

Amy Milazzo

Client Success Strategist

Using data in healthcare strategies can be complicated. There are so many types of users & each will look at the information Marketware gives them from their own perspective. I’ve worked with almost every type of user in my career, giving me the ability to understand what you’ll need from the data to reach your specific goals.

Cassie Mero

Product Expert

I’ll make sure that your request gets in the right hands so we can accomplish the goals of your business. I know the ins and outs of our product and love to help train you and your team on how to use it. Though my role is mostly reactionary, I’m constantly working behind the scenes to make sure that you and your team have the best experience possible.


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