Physician Marketing


Targeted Communications Made Easy

With Centric, engaging your target audience, tracking your reach and trending your results has never been easier. With advanced list segmentation, you can design an email or direct mail campaign at the recipient-level, ensuring your target audience gets the right message at the right time.


Effectively Manage Your Physician Marketing Strategy

Who Should Use Centric?

• Liaisons

• Recruiters

• Physician Onboarding Teams

• Marketing Leaders

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An On-Screen View Of Centrics Interface And The Home Tab Dashboard

How Ascend, Scout And Centric From Marketware Work Together


Integrate & Customize

Centric allows you to send customizable emails to providers, including CME event programming, physician onboarding tips, recruitment updates and physician newsletters. You can choose existing patients captured within Scout or a select list of prospects to send direct-to-patient emails, special event mailings, preventative care tips, community newsletters and more. User-friendly editing features allow for a professional look that supports a professional brand.

What Can You Do with Centric?

Spread the Word

Use Print, Email or both to extend your brand and build patient confidence.

Manage Segments

Use physician & patients lists to reach out to a receptive audience.

Execute Marketing Campaigns

Use marketing automation to create a comprehensive campaign series.

Track Progress

Assess, communicate & repeat campaigns that effectively demonstrate ROI.

Enjoy Seamless Integration

Experience worry-free physician outreach documentation with product connectivity.

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