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Unified Team: Achieving Goals & Initiatives

A common occurrence across healthcare teams is a lack of communication and collaboration between departments. This can lead to silos and inefficiencies as teams end up being pulled in multiple directions with no synergy. Through the use of Marketware, Presence Health, has been able to tear down silos and bring departments together to achieve their goals and initiatives as a unified team.


Presence Health is the second largest health system in Illinois and continues to grow with 11 hospitals to date. One challenge with growth is ensuring physician relations teams spend their time most effectively, as they serve an ever-growing number of physicians and competition that is just around the corner. Karianne Craig is a system sales manager, who helps support the provider engagement executives and oversees the operations of sales across the health system. Her list of responsibilities includes: ensuring sales incentives line up with regional goals, onboarding, ongoing training, assessment of skills and facilitating alignment across teams in disparate geographies—so the people in Lake Shore, Chicago are doing the same things as in Central Illinois.

Following a merger of two health systems in 2011 (which resulted in Presence Health) Karianne was given a team of 18 liaisons to lead. Prior to the merger, both teams had varying forms of outreach, accountability and expectation and as a result, once the team was re-organized, Karianne began searching for a solution that would better help her report on her new team’s effectiveness in the field.

Having been in various physician relations and management roles for 13 years, Karianne knew she wanted a solution that was tailored for healthcare. Karianne explains, “We were looking for a solution that was health care focused, not sales focused. While a large portion of what liaisons do would be considered sales, we are working with providers, talking to them about them doing business with us and referring their patients to us. Most PRM/CRM products are very sales focused, they look for leads, they look for lead generation, and they want you to close that task and close working with that lead, and in health care you don’t ever close working with that lead. Even if it’s a physician who’s talking to you about office space in your medical office building, you are going to continue that relationship with that physician because they might not be on staff at your hospital yet, but they want to be in your office space because you have a great location.”

The Marketware Solution

Presence Health first came across Marketware at an industry conference. When Karianne attended the conference, she met with a dozen different PRM/CRM companies, in her search for the right fit. Among these companies Marketware stood out, her first impression was, “When I saw the demo of Marketware, I thought ‘Oh this makes so much more sense than some of these others’. It was very user friendly, it was aesthetically pleasing so it wasn’t this, square box with bland color that you have to stare at all day.”

After researching and doing due diligence, Karianne and her team chose Marketware and brought Ascend and Scout on board. She quickly saw improvements in her team’s interactions and reporting of those interactions. Karianne mentions, Presence Health
“We saw an increase of roughly 15% in activity going from our old solution to Marketware. We had a lot more physician office visits, team meetings, and opportunities to speak with our stakeholders. This improvement came as a result of Marketware being a cloud-based solution, allowing our team to report on their activities remotely from their phones, rather than only reporting once in the office.”

Real Outcomes

Karianne uses Marketware with her physician liaison team and she is able to turn claims data into actionable information for generating campaigns and initiatives. The ripple effect Marketware has had can be felt across multiple departments and Karianne mentions it’s given her team a competitive advantage, “We have a better line of communication, because these multiple departments in some way, shape, or form touch the same providers, so even though our provider relations rep focus on these physicians within our contracted network in our insurance plans, our provider engagement executives still talk to those doctors too. This application has given them the ability to communicate about those providers in ways they did not previously, so it ensures we are giving our providers the best possible customer service, as well as allows us to notify other departments that we don’t have a lot of work in, if something comes up. We can assign a task to them, give them a heads up on things they need to follow up on in a different way than just sending them an email or calling them.”

Marketware gives teams the ability to target specific physicians for outreach, all while integrating their activities with those in marketing and operations to ensure each department is playing their part in building the relationships with physicians to bring referrals back to their network.

Exceeding Expectations

In line with Marketware’s core values, commitment to client success reigns supreme. Karianne shared how the solution became more than just about the technology but also the level of service she received, “My two client success managers that I have worked with have been very helpful from creating action plans that we can discuss, to what’s working or what’s not working and any status updates. Having a go to person that can track pros and cons, things you’re working on, the onboarding process and training for you is really helpful. We have all these things going on with our job outside of this system, so having someone to manage that for you, is unbelievably helpful.”

In order to continue to provide clientsQuote2
with the most beneficial solution, Marketware openly welcomes client feedback and hosts a client advisory council. Karianne was invited to participate, “My experience with the council, was what I expected it to be, us sharing our pros and cons and what we would like to see with the tool. I think, that it is a great way for Marketware as an organization to continue to develop. Asking their users for insight to what should be relevant in the tool, makes them a partner not a vendor. The council has also allowed me to connect with people from across the country from a professional perspective, it has been great networking.”

Looking Ahead

Marketware is excited about the ongoing additions to the Growth Suite. The company value of “Next” is the challenge to never be complacent and always be creating. Presence Health is looking forward to Marketware’s ongoing innovations, Karianne shares, “I liked how you’re developing a CRM solution [Centric] from a marketing perspective. Our community outreach people who plan our events, that we use direct mail, for are on the Ascend tool. They track their activity and conversations with our community stakeholders, they can create an event and plan it and then go right into our CRM and select the stuff that needs to get mailed out, and if it’s a physician doing that lecture we can track it with that physician as well as with how many community members came. It’s an all-encompassing tool so I like the opportunity that we could, as an organization, look to one vendor partner for multiple solutions.”

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Karianne Craig, System Sales Manager, Presence Health