LifePoint Health: Case Study

Gains 100% Accountability in Physician Outreach

Accountability is the most important piece in the puzzle of yielding and demonstrating results in physician relations. Mitzi Kent, National Sales Leader of LifePoint Health can attest to this—with over 60 Physician Relations and Industry Directors (physician liaisons) managing relationships with more than 7,300 physicians, she is tasked with leading an enormous outreach effort that spans across 21 states. Keeping each of these representatives accountable for their work is paramount to a united, effective physician relations program, but it’s easier said than done. The answer? A mobile physician relationship management system customized to their organizational needs.



Establishing accountability among LifePoint’s outreach team was a matter of tracking two main things: issue resolution, and overall liaison activity. They needed a CRM that was designed with physician relations in mind that could provide this data in an accurate and actionable format. Because entering in visit notes needs to be done in real-time, this system would need to meet the needs of liaisons on the road throughout a wide geographic area. And since LifePoint regularly hires on many physicians for its own facilities, it needed to be able to track physician onboarding procedures to make sure nothing fell through the cracks along the way.


The Marketware Solution

What was most important to Mitzi was that, first and foremost, it’s customizable to t her team’s individual needs: “I’ve used a lot of products, and the key with this product is that it’s customizable. You can work with the Marketware team to say ‘this is what I need for my particular market,’ or ‘these are some of the tools and the different ways I can use it and learn from others about how they’re using it.” She adds, “With most other systems, you don’t have that ability, it’s ‘here’s the platform, and you have to use the exact platform the way it is.’ It can’t really be tailored for you. That to me is what the attractive feature was.”

On top of customized and flexible dashboards that track issue resolution and liaison activity, Marketware’s Ascend fulfilled the requirement for mobility. Thanks to its cloud-based accessibility, Mitzi notes that “You can use it anywhere, and you’re not tethered to a LIfePoint computer or a LifePoint security system. Liaisons can run to Starbucks, and they can document their notes. So I think there’s the convenience side, and the fact that they can also stay on top of things since they’re out in the field.”

Marketware offers a platform that acts as a cohesive force of accountability for her organization. As a manager, Mitzi is responsible for supervising both the quantity and the quality of the visits made by her representatives, and Marketware helps her stay on top of how these visits are going. She describes Marketware as “A tool for documentation, for keeping up with representatives on how they’re going to be doing their visit notes. For me, it’s a measurement tool from an accountability perspective, making sure that they’re doing the job that they were hired to do.”

Real Outcomes

Since starting at her current position at LifePoint, Mitzi has overseen the complete adoption of Marketware throughout her team—when she started, only about 40% of the salesforce was using it, and now, 100% of the team is fully compliant.

This has contributed to notable improvements in stakeholder engagement. Senior leadership always wants to see the ROI of what physician relations teams can do, and Marketware provides an easy way to demonstrate the hard work that her team accomplishes: “Since we’re a large organization, it’s able to combine all the issues into categories and into groupings, so that when I go to senior leadership, I’m able to say ‘Across your division or your region, here’s what we’re seeing is the most common issue,’ and then we can follow the issue more as a team and standardize what we need to do across the organization.”

Additionally, Marketware helps her team stay on top of physician onboarding when they are hiring new physicians. Hospitals lose millions of dollars each year due to hiring inefficiencies, and Mitzi regularly uses Marketware’s onboarding features to “make sure that we’re doing the right thing for physicians as we bring them on board.”

As advice to other physician relationship managers looking to implement a tool like Marketware, she says “Utilize the tool and hardwire the tool consistently with your team, and then utilize some of the dashboards to show ROI on what a physician relations team can do. Use that product to make sure you’re looking at all activity.”

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Mitzi Kent, National Physician Liaison Leader, LifePoint Health