Our 4 Key Takeaways from #SHSMD16

Our 4 Key Takeaways from #SHSMD16 - Recap Blog

As fast as it came, SHSMD Connections 2016 has come and gone and now is a great time to reflect on what we have learned and most importantly what we plan on implementing. There’s always so much value in all the content that is shared, and with record breaking attendance numbers, this year was no different. This year, 7 members of the Marketware team attended as a Silver Partner at #SHSMD16. As we anticipated, SHSMD turned out to be a great experience learning best practices tailored to physician relations, business development and marketing teams, along with great opportunities to network with peers at the conference.

From all that went on, we’ve compiled our learnings into four general takeaways we have from the conference.


1. The Value of Physician-Patient Engagement

Patients come and go, checking in for appointments, meeting with doctors, getting treatment and/or prescriptions and out they go. With so many patients coming and going, physicians can easily be seen from patients as just checking the box, going through the routine. How can we improve the patient experience so they feel like their concerns and needs were heard and addressed, rather than just being talked to?

The essential step is to pause, reflect and ask yourself “What can I learn from the patients I had today?” If you can’t honestly answer this question, it’s time for you to reflect upon your ability to connect with patients, and listen to their needs/concerns. As stated by Roni Zeiger, MD: “We want patients at the center of care, but they aren’t meant to be passive participants.”


2. Success Starts at Culture

Within our organizations, our work to be successful hinges upon having a unified culture about who we are, what we do, and most importantly why we do it. Dr. Fahey, PhD of Fahey Associates, shared with us that “…as marketers, our job is to serve as the conscience of our organizations… [Marketing] plays a key role in ensuring that the core values of our organizations align with the behaviors of our employees.” If all departments and employees have a strong internal understanding of the brand, the overall message of who we are can be experienced by each patient we interact with.


3. The Importance of “Work Smart to Work Happy”

In an industry that is constantly evolving and where teams are asked to do more with less, the need to be efficient and strategic is a must. At Marketware we understand the complex initiatives physician relations, business development and marketing teams are tasked to execute.

For those that took the opportunity, at the Marketware booths (we had 2, 1 at each end of the exhibitor hall) we had a caricature artist and a massage therapist worked to engage and involve our booth visitors in more than just a product demonstration. While we love creating unique and memorable booth experiences for our attendees, it is also to reinforce our believe of helping our clients “Work Smart and Happy.” We believe in providing technology and support that enables our clients to save time, have a positive user experience and overall increase satisfaction in their work. From our CEO to our product experts, we put our clients needs first.


4. The Power of Communities

One thing that can’t be overlooked in conferences like SHSMD, is the power of a unified community. While healthcare is an incredibly vast industry with thousands of moving parts to it, coming to SHSMD helps us all come together to become a more unified community, around discussions, panels and keynotes about the industry. Whatever challenges we each face within our specific healthcare organizations, we can receive advice, guidance and direction from our peers at the conference, to help us more successfully achieve our growth and strategic goals.

We loved the opportunity to hear from so many in the industry, sharing their insights of how they were able to achieve their goals amidst challenges we can all relate to. Additionally, it was great to connect with so many clients we have based in Chicago, and hear in-person of their successes in and around the windy city.